about uscc

  u.s community college china service center (uscc) is affiliated to china service center for friendship and cooperation with foreign countries (csfcfc),which was founded in 1985 and got the study abroad qualification of ministry of china education and the certificate of iso2000. since its establishment, it has been committed to the communication activities of international academic education, and sent thousands of students to us, uk, japan, poland, netherlands, australia, canada etc to cultivate the urgently-needed talents.

  since 2007, its programs have been integrated, among which uscc became a key one. our team frequently paid a visit to us community colleges for researches and services. with the close contacts, a great number of strategic cooperative relations with us community colleges were established.

  uscc is devoted to assisting chinese kids to enjoy more valuable american education resources, and enjoy the free, equal and fair elite higher education.

  uscc has always been striving for popularizing american community colleges in china. we sincerely hope that our excellent credible platform will give wings to interested able students for their dreams. we also sincerely hope that more excellent community colleges will establish strategic cooperative relations with us for the sake of our great contribution to sino-us education progress.


  for further cooperation, please contact:

  u.s community college china service centre
  add: rm a-607, xinyu business mansion, no.90 guangqumen nei ave, dongcheng district, beijing, china
  tel: 0086-10-67150977-8013

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